Four Square Leagues

Malcolm Ebright, Rick Hendricks & Richard W. Hughes


Four Square Leagues: Pueblo Land in New Mexico by Malcolm Ebright, Rick Hendricks, and Richard W. Hughes

This book, described as “an authoritative masterpiece,” with “information that is startlingly new,” is the first up-to-date account of the history of Pueblo Indian land beginning in late 17th century New Mexico. Containing chapters about the origin of the Pueblo league, about the Cruzate documents, and the adjudication of Pueblo lands by U.S. Courts, the book is characterized by success stories as well as the loss of Pueblo land. Specific studies of the land struggles of Jemez, Cochiti, Santa Clara, Sandia, and Picuris Pueblos are capped by Santa Ana Pueblo’s campaign in the early 1700s to buy back their ancestral lands from their Spanish neighbors, and the story of Taos Pueblo’s successful battle for their sacred Blue Lake.

452 pages, 12 original drawings by Glen Strock, 4 maps and 7 illustrations, index, bibliography.

Winner of best book award for 2014, Border Regional Library Association and best history book award for 2014 from the Historical Society of New Mexico.

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