Hispanic Albuquerque, 1706-1846

Marc Simmons


Hispanic Albuquerque, 1706-1846 by Marc Simmons

Hispanic Albuquerque presents an engaging, narrative history of the city from 1706 to 1846, its era as a Hispanic community. Written by Marc Simmons, one of the leading historians of colonial and nineteenth-century New Mexico, this book is an abridgment of his award winning Albuquerque: A Narrative History, first published in 1982 and long unavailable. Here is history to fascinate and inform. In re-examining the founding of the city, Simmons shows how contemporary land and water rights issues are tied to the original document creating the town. His account of commercial activities and relations with Native Americans is a reminder of the complexity of daily life in the colonial period.

University of New Mexico Press, 2003
176 pages, 11 illustrations, 3 maps

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