New Mexico!

Marc Simmons


Written by one of the leading historians on New Mexico, this popular elementary school-level textbook introduces the young reader to New Mexico’s past and present. When students finish reading this book, they will better understand how different cultures shaped the way we live today, as well as learn about major events and key people in New Mexico’s development. Simmons approaches history as a window to the past. That is, students come to understand they are part of a long flow of human events. This book surveys the experiences of first the Indians, then the Spanish, and finally those people who have come to New Mexico since it has been part of the United States. Supplementing each of the eleven chapters are maps and photographs, about a third of them in color.

Marc Simmons, New Mexico!
(University of New Mexico Press, 2004)
286 pages, 29 color plates, 35 drawings, 70 halftones, 9 maps

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