Sisters in Blue

Anna Nogar & Enrique Lamadrid


Sisters in Blue tells the story of two young women—one Spanish, one Puebloan—meeting across space and time. Sor María de Jesús de Ágreda, New Mexico’s famous Lady in Blue, is said to have been transported to New Mexico in the seventeenth century. Here Anna M. Nogar and Enrique R. Lamadrid bring her to life, imagining an encounter between a Pueblo woman and Sor María during the nun’s mystical spiritual journeys. Tales of Sor María, who described traveling across the earth and the heavens, have traditionally presented her as an evangelist who helped bring Catholicism to the Pueblos. Instead this book, which includes an essay providing historical context, shows a connection between Sor María and her friend Paf Sheuri. The two women find more similarities than differences in their shared experiences, and what they learn from each other has an impact for centuries to come.

Anna M. Nogar and Enrique R. Lamadrid, Illustrations by Amy Córdova
Sisters in Blue: Sor María de Ágreda Comes to New Mexico/Hermanas de Azul: Sor María de Ágreda viene a Nuevo Mexico
(University of New Mexico Press, 2017)
88 pages, 16 color illustrations
Winner of the 2017 Southwest Book Award from the Border Regional Library Association
Winner of the 2018 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Juvenile Book

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